About the Author


It all begins with an idea....... A question might be raised as to who the author of this work is. All that can be said is that the author is like you, moving through life, working earnestly to create a foundation that can allow future works to be conveyed through writing and visual media. For starters, my name is Al. Many people have I encountered along the way, of which without would not have made me into who I am today. All my life I held a talent for writing my thoughts, and in foolishness, I never realized the obvious until now. But once my talent was realized, words flowed, the imagination kindled, and a literary work was born to prosper for all to know.

In a kingdom of opportunities, I have given my all to pursue a vision. Perhaps you can relate? More-so, it is a dream for writing that keeps me focused in the game of life, to see what can be developed next in the years ahead. Truly, if you can relate to my words, then you will have taken a step further to know a bit more about me - as a writer, a neighbor, and perhaps a friend.

Al Rush


Name: Al Rush

Title: COO / Author

Zodiac: Pisces

About me: My ways are curious, I travel a timeless journey that seeks to inspire the souls of anyone I encounter. I love to inspire and to be inspired, to chip away rough edges toward times both enjoyable and kind for the ways of peace to flourish.

A lasting peace without meddling from evil bound in chains.

Interest: Writing, Fine Arts, and Graphic Design

Favorite quote: “A house cleaned is worthy for Light to cleave the night.”

- Al Rush

Favorite studies

  1. 1.Mythology - Slavic, Germanic, Norse, & Celtic

  2. 2.Zodiac

  3. 3.Shamanic

  4. 4.Divination

  5. 5.Mead, Ale, & Wine

Favorite web links

  1. 1.YouTube

  2. 2.Apple